Our Mission

Our mission of our breeding goats is to produce top quality genetics and to make sure that they:

  • Are good mothers and give birth to high quality kids.
  • Can endure travel and tough climatic conditions.
  • Give birth to high-quality kids even when they don’t always have the highest quality feed.

 Our Goal

Our goal is to promote systematic goat breeding and to create standards for male & female used in selective breeding. We breed our goats as close to the Indian goat breed standards as possible, and we will not sacrifice motherability, productivity and

hardiness. Our goats are not just beautiful to look at, but they are excellent mothers. We breed different types of goats  and we are proud to say that all our goats are  now 100 % home bred, and we only purchase the best bucks we can find, and we are very happy with the results that we have accomplished with the many years breeding