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The only Goat Farm which helps and guides new entrepreneurs and giving them broad knowledge to start a farm

Who We are ?

Under the astute leadership of Mr Ehlam Sulaiman, Eden Goat Farm position themselves as the premier goat and sheep farming solutions provider in Kerala. It is his interest and passion and his lively, intellectual, energetic and excitable character that has morphed him into that of a goat as he run the goat business with calmness, making decisions with delicate thoughts, strong creativity and perseverance, the way a goat person would do. Our services encompass the selling of goat and sheep breeds, feed, medicine, farming tools and accessories as well as training courses and consultancy for those whom are interested to venture into goat and sheep farming

Vision and Mission 

Goat farming is definitely and will be the farming of future. We aim to  work for the welfare of the goat farming sector and  to consolidate the supply chain by providing wholesome knowledge of goat farming and marketing. We create strong working condition and knowledge base for the new entrepreneurs who have the potential to install big state of the art goat farms. We also strive hard to bring small and marginal goat farmers especially women into main stream of development. First hand information for every client to satisfy their queries is the main work and mission of Eden Goat Farm. Under this mission Eden Goat Farm is continuously developing and evolving its system for a wide variety of requirements to the highest quality of standards keeping future trends in mind.